The following are unsolicited learner comments from a few of our courses. Learners have been identitied only by their initials to maintain confidentiality. The images are not meant to connect to any specific testimonial, only to show the range of students involved in your program. Our students have ranged from 12 years old (see if you can find the testimonial from his father below — we had to get special permission to admit him to this program) to 72. The complete text of these and other testimonials are on file.

student 1

Every course I have taken through BCIT has proven to be of immense value to me at my workplace and I have received enormous personal satisfaction from each one. The course materials are instructive and easy to follow and I found the repeating of important information throughout the course material to be very helpful. The constructive feedback on assignments and the response to requests for help from the tutors has been superb.

student 2

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this course. I especially liked the way you involved all of the class through the use of the discussion board. It really made the course interesting for me. Another on-line course I took did not make very good use of the discussion board and I might as well of been reading a book or going to Lynda.com for all of my materials.

student 3

All of the courses I have taken so far have been excellent!

I have really enjoyed this class and have signed up in January for MDIA 2205. Thank you for the positive feedback in the assignment assessments.

student 4

Thanks for a great course.

The colleges I was looking into offer about 1/10th of what you can offer in relation to Web design and other things I want to learn.

student 5

This is the first course, from all I took at BCIT, where I learned new stuff. All materials was up to date and right to the point.

Thanks for your comments and your great sense of humour. I find it inspiring. I have really enjoyed taking the BCIT courses.

student 6

So far, the learning experience has been wonderful. The instructors have been supportive and responsive as well as accommodating with extensions when needed. I have friends that are taking online courses at SFU/UBC and it appears that BCIT offers a much better structure. I fully intend on continuing with Web Technologies to the advanced levels. The online learning experience that BCIT offers has exceeded my expectations. I love it!

student 7

Although I was a bit sceptical of the whole online learning process, I was very pleased with the results.

The content is excellent. It includes both technique and design which is great.

student 8

Based on my experience with MDIA 1206, I am very satisfied with the current delivery. Most information was very clear from the course material provided, and for points on which I was unclear the instructors were very quick to provide helpful responses to my questions.

Delivery ran smoothly, I was impressed.

student 9

I feel that the program has the right blend of course to prepare students for having their own Web development company (if they so desire) once the qualification is complete. I feel the content was appropriate for the level of the course and the knowledge assumed for the students and was impressed with the dedication and commitment of the instructors.

student 10

There was a lot of fun, followed by a lot of frustration, but it was a great stepping stone to get me on my path as a professional Web designer. I had virtually zero design or art background, but a little bit of programming/HTML under my belt when I started this course. Not only was I able to update my knowledge of HTML coding, but I also learned a great deal of design concepts I have never been exposed to before.

student 11

I felt pretty green when I started this course and, like others, I feel I have learned a lot but still have a ways to go. Being new to this, I want to make sure I know all there is to know about Web design before I go out and market myself. I don’t want to ever have a situation where I say “I am not sure” or “I don’t know how to do that” that would be very embarrassing and would probably be bad for word of mouth. So I am also continuing on with the courses in the Associate Certificate Program to help me in this regard.

student 12

One statement I here over and over again when people find out I am taking a BCIT Web design course is that they are not satisfied with their present site or the people looking after it. There is demand for good designers.

student 13

The course has been awesome, and a real eye opener to some of the complexities of publishing online! In my current job, I mainly work with designing print advertisements and literature, and I really hoped this course would open doors for me. It really has, however I find I have so much more to learn! I really enjoyed that this course included design tips, and wasn’t just based purely around flawless coding. It definitely provided a more well-rounded perspective on why layouts and different skills are so important.

student 14

I really appreciated the design tips as well and that so many of the design tips were focused on usability as well as creating an appealing looking site.

I really enjoyed learning the basics of coding and designing. Prior to enrolling in this course, I had purchased Dreamweaver and a couple books and started to learn on my own. To take this class vs. learning on my own has sped up the learning process exponentially. I feel pretty confident with what we have learnt so far.

student 15

I definitely learned lots in this course...and I know will have still lots to learn in the future.

Thank you for your instruction throughout this course. I found it very easy to understand and I particularly appreciate how you have set up the course notes and the discussion groups. I look forward to future courses.

student 16

Thank you for your constructive feedback. I enjoyed the course and look forward towards expanding my knowledge through other courses in these series.

I really enjoyed the course. I must say I am really encouraged to continue with other courses in the Web Technologies program. I am glad that I picked up this hobby (maybe it will become more than that some day). I cannot wait to learn more about the Web designing techniques. Thank you for having distance education courses for someone like me who likes to explore other fields at my own pace.

student 17

Thanks again for your involvement and feedback in this course — it was fantastic and I’ve learned an amazing amount of stuff in just a few weeks. It’s actually a little sad that it’s over!

Thank you so much for a fantastic time. It might be next season before I can take more classes. I am a self employed fellow and this course was for setting my own site up. Which is, thanks to you, now on the Web.

student 18

I think you will probably remember that you assisted my 12 year old son, Nathaniel, get into BCIT Web Design classes back in 2003.

As a parent I very much appreciate the time and effort you put forth to help him get into and stay in those introductory computer classes. The credits he earned went on to be part of his transcript at Gonzaga University. This Sunday Nathaniel will graduate from Gonzaga in computer engineering with a 3.94 GPA and has been granted a fellowship to work toward a PhD in computer engineering/science at the University of Texas at Austin beginning next fall (2014).

I can’t help but think that those first classes he had from you fed his intellect and interests and helped launch him into his career.
HW (father of NW)